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Zheng Jinfu

Chef Cheng Kam Fu began his culinary career in 1973. Starting from a humble neighborhood Chinese restaurant, he later earned the moniker ‘celebrity chef’ while working across high-end Cantonese restaurants, where he cooked for many wealthy and famous members of the exclusive private club, the Far East Exchange Limited. Chef Fu has been the private chef of, Ronald Li Fook Shiu, the founder of the Far East Exchange Limited in Hong Kong, and the chef at Hong Kong tycoon Lim Por Yen’s private club. He made a name for himself in the Cantonese culinary circle with new creations such as roasted supreme beef and bird’s nest-stuffed chicken wing, becoming the favorite chef amongst customers from the general public to celebrities and tycoons. Because of Chef Cheng’s low profile while working in celebrity clubs over the past 20 years, he received the "Best Reclusive Chef Award" from King of Catering Awards in Hong Kong. He founded Celebrity Cuisine, a premium Cantonese restaurant in 2007, which achieved and retained One Michelin Star since 2010. The restaurant, immediately rose to popularity amongst Hong Kong’s celebrity diners, community leaders and epicureans
Personal Award
2007-2022 Senior Cantonese Cuisine, Director and Chef Celebrity Cuisine
2017 Opened branches in Tainan and Taichung
2015 Opened branches in Chongqing and Kaohsiung
In 2013 the "Emperor House" opened in Macau and was immediately awarded one Michelin star
Since 2010, won Two-Michelin stars for 6 consecutive years
In 2010 won the Hong Kong Michelin star restaurant award
In 2009 won the "Hidden World Chef Award of the King of Food"

Alvin Leung

Alvin Leung is an English-born Hong Kong-Canadian chef and television personality. He holds two Michelin stars at his Hong Kong-based restaurant Bo Innovation and one Michelin star at Bo London. Nicknamed ‘The Demon Chef’, he invented his own cuisine named X-Treme Chinese, which has modernized Chinese cuisine and single-handedly created new taste sensations that give diners a unique experience with every visit. A self-taught chef who draws from his training as an engineer, Leung is constantly pushing the limits and unveiling surprises with his X-TremeChinese cuisine. In addition to the XX restaurants opened under his guidance, Leung has risen to fame through an illustrious television career including judging MasterChef Canada
Personal Award
Chef and founder Boinnovation Cuisine
Alvin Leung as one of Time Outs Heroes - Time Out